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After using the toiletries, you must wash your hands thoroughly and dry your hands. If there are hand dryers and toilet paper in the toilet, most people will choose a Hand Dryers. The tool is considered more practical and makes hands dry faster than having to throw a lot of tissue. Well, if there are toilet paper and hand dryer available for drying your hands in public toilets, which one do you use most often? Most people think toilet paper stores store lots of germs that come from the toilet.

Conversely, hand dryers are believed to be more hygienic and effectively flush out the bacteria that sticks to the hands. However, is that right? When we use a hand dryer, the hands are not as clean as we thought. Judging from the way it works, the hand dryer turns out not only to blow and press the air out but also to suck air. When the hand dryer emits air, then the surrounding air will be inhaled together. That is, this tool will suck the bacteria that are scattered in the toilet, both attached to the skin of the hand, from the trash, or bacteria that are thrown when rinsing the toilet.

According to the results of research conducted by experts, air drying machines store 27 times more bacteria than toilet paper. These bacteria can last longer in the air around the hand dryer.

After the bacteria are sucked into the machine, they will be pressed out again when someone uses it to dry their hands. Instead of eliminating bacteria, our hands and clothes are seized with new bacteria.

So, is it true that toilet paper is safer than germs?

Still, from the same study, toilet tissue was considered more hygienic than hand dryers. The reason, the experts found that toilet paper can reduce all types of bacteria that stick to the hands, especially at the fingertips. On the other hand, the hand dryer can increases the number of bacteria. Especially if we are accustomed to rubbing hands when drying hands, then this method prevents the loss of bacteria from the hands. As a result, bacteria in the hands can move places when shaking hands with others or touching objects around us. One step that can help reduce the spread of bacteria in the toilet is to choose the type of hand dryer that has a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can help reduce the number of bacteria spread by hand dryers.

But unfortunately, we certainly cannot control the type of hand dryer used in office toilets or public toilets. Therefore, use toilet paper which tends to be safer to prevent cross-contamination from the toilet. If you don’t have a choice because there is only an air dryer in the toilet, then it’s okay to use the hand dryer. But remember, spend more extra time to dry your hands thoroughly. The most important thing is to make sure the hands are completely clean and dry so they don’t carry bacteria after leaving the toilet.