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It is unfortunate if you have a small garden but left plain and abandoned just because they are confused to decorate it. Apparently, quite a lot of things can be done to beautify the tiny area, with a variety of simple variations that do not leave the impression of atmosphere the garden. You can also add a retaining wall design to make your garden look more beautiful. You can see the best retaining wall designs at

Here are some things that can be copied to decorate a garden tiny.

  1. Garden with stones and grass

At the beginning of buying a house, usually, the park is usually still in the form of vacant land. If the land is left alone, it will give the appearance less pleasant and the house will look dirty. One simple decoration in order the house looks more beautiful, with grass and stone decoration. Green grass which is Covering an empty area can give a fresh effect on the house.

  • Vertical accents

The small park does have a horizontal land that is limited even fairly narrow. By placing a variety of decorative plants that attract the eye, can utilize a small gap and use the horizontal area of ​​the house around the garden. Can use the stairs to the terrace of the house. If there isn’t, you can utilize a long wooden ladder that is given vines to creates the impression of landscape and attraction.

  • Decorate with flowers

Collaborating with fresh colors is the main key to decorating the garden tiny. In addition to placing grass as its base, the presence of flowers with bright colors will blend perfectly with the color of the grass. Bright colors like yellow or red usually match the color of the grass. A few tips, choose flowers nuanced in harmony with the exterior of the house when the flowers are in bloom.

  • Make flower beds

By creating a special area or a small Flower Bed around the park, area it can be a very interesting Vocal Point in a small park. Besides, provide more value, flower plants can flourish and good because it is will automatically become a special plant.

  • Tall plants

Vertical Layering is very fitting when applied to a small garden in front of or behind the house. If that is not possible done, there are other options that are not less interesting. No need decoration kinds, enough to use tall plants which can give the illusion of simple Layering.

  • Guardrail

Aside from being a barrier, a fence in a park also has more than just functions privacy guard. Placement of a small size guardrail in the garden area will be created instantly a clear line that can be useful for structuring garden landscape.