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As a “nest” of dust and dirt, this one element needs a special and appropriate way to make it clean so that family health is maintained.

Its thick and heavy texture often overwhelms you. Though carpets are one of the favorite places for nesting germs and bacteria, given the high contact with the soles of the feet that carry dirt from outside the room. Eliminate the feeling of laziness and follow the way to clean the following carpet. Or if you want, you can call clean carpet services like Castle Hills Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to clean your carpet. Those who are experts certainly know the right and best way to treat and clean carpets, right?

Now, say goodbye to stubborn germs!

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the right solution that must be done routinely, which is at least 3 times a week. As one of the most common and easy ways to do, cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner also keeps the dust from sticking and keeps the surrounding area clean and healthy.

Corn Flour for Wet Dirt

Do not immediately give up when you see children spilling milk or juice on the carpet of the house. You can rely on corn flour to clean it. The trick is to sow it in the dirty part, wait until it is dry and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Maximizing Machine with Special Liquid Carpet Cleaning

If you have a carpet cleaning machine, don’t forget to provide a special cleaning liquid as a compliment. Because the machine will work more optimally with the help of the liquid. But if it’s not there, the vinegar solution can be a substitute.

Do not step on the carpet that has been cleaned

If the carpet covers all parts of the room, make sure you have prepared an outlet that has not been touched by a cleaning machine. The cleaning liquid must be completely dry before being exposed to contact with the feet. For that, make the grooves clear vertically and horizontally when cleaning the carpet.

Use Kitchen Materials to Clean the Carpet

Many alternatives can be used as a substitute for cleaning fluids other than vinegar and corn flour. Salt, baking soda and soda water can remove new stains on your carpet. The way to use it is the same as the previous one, enough to sow, wait until it is dry and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.