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Decorating your house for Christmas is a long-held tradition that many of us spend hours planning to perfection. Most of us put up a Christmas tree and some other trimmings such as garlands and strings of outside lights, but what about making your windows into a stunning Christmas display for both you and passing people to enjoy?

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Bring the outdoors in

The outdoor look is very in this year, as people are more and more conscious about the environment and the overuse of plastic. Instead of purchasing more decorations, consider bringing in some natural materials to give your window a woodland look. Not only will you be on-trend, but you won’t be adding anything to landfill. An evergreen swag across the top of the window is simple but effective, or a row of natural wreaths looks striking.

You could also make decorations using other natural materials such as pine cones, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Not only do they look good, but they are also fragrant, bringing Christmas smells into the home.

Window jewellery

If you want to brighten up your windows Dublin, and other cities, offer a great choice of Christmas window jewellery. Beaded garlands are available to buy from decoration stores and look stunning as part of a Christmas dressed window. Drape them over your curtain pole for a shimmering look, and even add baubles to make them look really elegant.

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Clear glass ornaments catch the light and look classy, and they can be strung with colourful ribbon for a different look. Crystal ornaments are also eye-catching, and the dancing lights they throw around them when the sun hits their cut surfaces are simply beautiful.

Window displays

According to the Guardian, in the UK, we have graduated from looking at Christmas displays in shop windows to creating our own displays at home. If you have a beautiful, large bay window such as those available at, you could consider creating a stunning window display to wow your neighbours and passers-by.

Use washable paint or spray snow for a temporary festive design or simply place your decorated Christmas tree in your window for a captivating Christmas look. Christmas lights can be strung both inside and outside your window creating a sense of depth. You could even use moving models to enhance your window display.