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The bay window is a great and much sought-after feature of any home. They add more space to a room and let in a wonderful amount of light. They can, however, throw up some interior design issues when you are thinking about how to dress and decorate your rooms. Here is a look at five ways that you can dress and make the most of these gorgeous feature windows.

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Always choose made-to-measure

A bay window is built with sweeping curves and angles, all of which give it its charm. However, these curves and angles might not be entirely symmetrical. It is always best when you have a bay window to get made-to-measure curtains and blinds. That way, they can be made to fit your exact window to ensure that this fantastic feature is perfect.

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Try something different

Shutters might seem expensive, but consider them instead of traditional curtains or blinds. Shutters are super stylish, and they are a great investment. Again, always go made-to-measure. You can get tier shutters so you can open the top set for light and leave the bottom set closed for privacy.

Play with combinations

You don’t need to choose between curtains or blinds; have both! Try thinner blinds that let in lots of light alongside heavier lined curtains to keep you cosy. The two together will look very stylish. Plus, the curtains will retain heat to help keep your room warm in the winter.

Revamp your windows

If you live in an older house, you might have a bay window with old frames letting in the cold. Replace the frames and install double glazing to really show off this window feature. Before you get any work done, always get a selection of quotes to see which suits you best. If you are unsure, ask a local glazier like to give you some advice on revamping those beautiful bays.

Make use of the space

Install a day bed in the space afforded by the shape of the bay window. Alternatively, you might consider placing a cosy armchair there, making the most of the natural light to create the perfect spot for reading. However you dress your bay window, with a little effort, it can easily become the focus of your room.