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If you want to install an air conditioning system in your home or office, you may be confused about whether to go with a single split or multi-split unit.  While the situations for installing single and multi-split units may vary, you find that the latter is cost efficient if you are cooling multiple rooms.  Instead of having standalone systems for every room, you can have a multi-split system that serves several rooms.  Before you install multi-split air conditioning units, here are three things you need to know:

  1. Multi-Split Systems have Separate Units

The term split unit refers to having separate units, so multi-split units have a unit situated outside the home and several others inside the house.  A multi-slip unit allows you to connect up to five or even more separate units indoors so that it serves different rooms.  These multi-system units are suited for different climate zones and can serve large rooms or multiple rooms.  One advantage is that the systems require low space compared to other systems.  Multi-systems are ideal if you don’t have space to install ducted air conditioner units.

  1. Multi-Split Systems Offer Convenience and Flexibility

Having one unit installed outside and several fitted inside the house offers convenience and flexibility.  You can choose which indoor unit to fit in each room of the house.  It is also possible to install quieter air conditioners suited for bedrooms and have higher capacity units suited for larger rooms like the living rooms and all these units are powered by a single unit located outside the house.  A big advantage with split systems is that you can control the environment or temperature of the different rooms separately or room-by-room.  Since you can individually adjust how cool or warm you want each room to be, it will help you optimize comfort in the different spaces. 

  1. Multi-Split Systems are Energy Efficient

You can reduce the energy you use to heat and cool the home because multi-split units have energy savings settings coupled with the ability to cool or heat individual rooms.  Since you can choose what indoor air outlet units you want for each room depending on its size, it means you scale down the usage of power.  Having the wrong unit installed in a room can result in power wastage or the rooms may not be cooled properly.  If you have a unit that is too big or too small, it would mean that you use a lot of power the moment you run the air conditioning system.  A small unit will have to run for long hours before you have the room cooled to the desired temperature.  A larger unit will cool the room adequately, but it will be drawing up more power. 

Proper installation is required when fitting multi-split systems in your home.  The indoor air outlet AC units should be located close to the ceiling within each room.  Because cool air is heavy than warm air, for optimal cooling efficiency, the louvres should point the unit directly out or they should be slightly tilted up to have quality air conditioning.  When you want to heat your rooms, you can have the louvres pointing downwards.  The outdoor compressor unit needs to be located in an area that is shaded from sunlight and mounted on a firm surface.  Also, the outdoor unit should be very close to the air outlets of the indoor units.