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Roof or roof is the most important part of the house. So that residents can comfortably shelter with family members. If the roof is leaking or eaten by termites, it can make conditions in the house uncomfortable.

The most common problem with tile is that water seeps into worn parts and causes damage to the structure below. That’s when leaks into the house and fungi begin to occur. Aesthetically it also becomes pretty no longer.

There are signs when the right time to replace the roof. When you see signs of wear, it can mean that repair costs are more expensive. before that happens you should visit roof repairs Sydney .

1. When Looks Weathery and Outdated

Replace the roof if the wood is in poor condition and weathered. The easiest way to see it is when the wood or sides are curved or have a cup-like appearance. Then the tile broke. Or there was a previous patch that must be replaced recently.

2. Moss appears

Another sign to replace the roof is that you see moss between the tile parts. Moss grows naturally between roof tiles, especially on roofs in shady or humid climates. And moss can indicate hidden damage.

Moss absorbs water like a sponge and holds it back. Moss prevents water from going down, it can also cause water to seep into the layers under the roof, causing damage and fungal growth. So if you see moss, immediately call a handyman to clean the moss and look for signs of permanent damage.

3. Consider the age of the roof

Another key factor in determining whether to replace a roof is the age of the roof itself. The problem of age is something to remember. Roofs that are at least 20 years old must be replaced. Slate roofs, copper and clay or concrete can last more than 50 years and wood roofs can last around 30 years.

So, depending on what material you have and when it was last replaced. And when changing, you should consider getting materials that will last longer like a metal roof.